Thursday, October 15, 2009

Custom Carli Cereals

In Argentina people often say to me: "¡Vos solamente comés pasto! [You only eat the lawn!] 

This is probably in part due to the fact that I have a shopkeeper named Willy who I go to once a week to buy my oats.

And now I have found a place to regularly buy my granola too: Granola Mix 

They have premixes and breakfast options, but the definite appeal of the site is that I can design exactly the granola (bar or loose) I want. 

I made one healthy mix --naming it CarliMix, to keep with the theme of egotistically inserting my name into all of my favorite foods--with a Muesli base and adding raisins, figs, cashews and pistachios. (19 pesos)

And one desserty mix--ChocoCarli--with a Choco-granola base, golden raisins, walnuts, marshmallows and chocolate chips. (22 pesos)

For 2-4 pesos more, you can get the granola delivered right to your door if you live in Barrio Norte, Belgrano, Microcentro, Nuñez, Palermo, Recoleta or Puerto Madero.

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