Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everyone finds something in Argentina to fall in love with. . .

Recently it has come to the public's attention that there are many things in Argentina to fall in love with.

I probably won't give a press conference crying about it, but I must admit that I myself am also not being faithful: I have recently begun a love affair with the Argentine soy milk AdeS.  Much to my own chagrin, I find it much more satisfying than its North American counterpart, Silk Soymilk fortified with fiber.  

AdeS stands for Alimento de Soja (Soy Alimentation in English).  The majority of the products sold by AdeS are actually soy juices; if you ask at a grocery store in Buenos Aires for soy milk they will simply say that in Argentina it does not exist.  However, if you ask for AdeS, you will be sent to the soda aisle where there is a small section with boxes of soy drinks.  

I have yet to hear a single Argentine person tell me that they like AdeS soy milk; they know that it exists, but find it disgusting (although I welcome being told otherwise).  A professor of mine who is also a vegetarian recoiled in disgust when I said I liked soy milk.

But at $5 pesos per liter, I think I have found a new source of protein to help me not slowly deteriorate while in the CarneLandia (Beef Land).  It makes a mean bowl of bran with banana and raisins, but delicious to drink plain too.  It is also fortified with Vitamin A, C, D, E, and B6 and boasts iron, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin B12 and calcium.  

The one draw back is that it comes warm in a box, so throw it in the fridge right away, because it needs to be served "bien frío." 

So for the purposes of this blog, my amorous situation with AdeS can modify today's headlines from Argentine newspaper Diario Popular: Scandal with Yanqui Vegetarian and Argentine Lover.

Special thanks to José Maria "Tucu" Costa for giving me my first box of AdeS. . and for the endless flow of yerba maté.

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Will said...

Carliflor! regresa ya al norte! Quiero estar bien frio. Hace un monton de puta calor en wisco.