Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flavor? I had forgotten what it was. . .

Last night one of my dearest old friends reappeared in my life: Flavor.  It is a general consensus with the expats that I have met in Buenos Aires that traditional Argentine cuisine does not exactly excite the palette.  The Argentine beef aside, finding anything with a strong taste is a definite challenge.

Perusing the reviews of the Indian restaurant and pub in Palermo called Bangalore & Co.  I was shocked by some of the luke-warm sentiment surrounding the restaurant.  In fact, after sharing this colorful and satisfying meal with a friend of Indian decent from Malaysia-- who taught me how to shovel various flavorful puré dishes into my mouth using pita bread and my thumb (but not teaching me how to not look like kind of a doofus while attempting it)--I was as enchanted by the atmosphere as with the food.  

Maybe I am speaking out of flavor deprivation, but upon ordering the vegetarian sampler platter for two, my uncontrollable lust for turmeric dishes and any member of the squash family was at last satiated upon tasting the pumpkin curry.  Included in the platter was a spinach/cheese mixture and a some potato balls in a tasty sauce.  Pita bread and rice accompanies the dishes to assist in the subsequent shoveling into the mouth.

This is not a strictly vegetarian restaurant (in fact, the waitress brought us bread and chicken to start with and looked confused when I asked if it was meat, explaining my vegetarian 'conundrum'), but the options are ample enough and good enough that if you have forgotten what flavor is, this is an ideal option.

**Ojo: Make a reservation by calling 4779-2621, because we went on a Wednesday night and it was pretty crowded.  They don't serve dinner until 9p.m. (which in porteño actually means about 9:15 or 9:30, depending on their mood).  It is located on Humboldt 1416 (esq. Niceto Vega). 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carly! Just came across your blog and had a good laugh at your this entry...I agree and always bring back sriracha and any other flavor enhancers I can when I go to the states.