Friday, April 10, 2009

Vegetarians in Buenos Aires Should Unite

While perusing and google-ing about the internet, I read a fact that I had previously expected but never had in front of me in black and white: Argentines eat more meat per capita daily than anywhere else in the world.  So for vegetarians, this simply means that there is less accomodation for our way of life.  

Just days ago, I returned to this meat-eating capital of the world.  I intend to settle here for at least a year and I want to propose starting a network of vegetarians in Buenos Aires.  I will post here tips for vegetarian survival, restaurant reviews, as well as events for vegetarians.  Please email me with your interest:


Martina Chalian said...

I am a full on meat eating monster. Guilty as charged, but count on me to spread the word about the veggie revolution!! Will let you know if I find any good vegeterian restaurants!

Tiffany said...

Hey, it is true. Argentina is a meat-eating country and steak is one of its citizens favourite food. Cow, pork, fish, chicken, everthing is consumed by them. Thay and very fond of what they call "asado" and since meat is so cheap there they won´t stop it. Last year I went to Argentina and I was looking to rent apartments buenos aires near a vegetarian restaurant and I found it. It was the perfect choice!