Monday, April 27, 2009

List of Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires according to the Unión Vegetariana

I will throughout the year be going to the various restaurants to test out their vegetarian cuisine:

My hope is to form a group of expats and natives alike who want to get together and share this healthy, yet delicious food together.  If you are in Buenos Aires and you want to come with me PLEASE e-mail (vegetarianism not necessary, merely a zest for trying new food):


La Reina Kunti-3461 Humahuaca

Los Sabios-Corrientes 3733

Sendero Vegetal-4417 Av. Diaz Velez


Soy Arroz- Arribeños 2221 (Chinatown)

Centro (Downtown):

Bodhi-Chile 1763

Granix-165 Florida 1st floor (1*Piso)

Fenix-Avenida Belgrano 3331

La Huerta del Sol-LaValle 895 1st floor (1*Piso)

Lotos-Córdoba 1577


Verde Llama-Jorge Newbery 3623


Krishna Veggie Lunch-Malabia 1833

Senutre-3090 República Árabe Siria

String-Borges 2284


Govinda-2054 Andonaegui

San Telmo:

Abuela Pan-Bolívar 707

Villa Crespo:

Alma Zen-Malabia 484

Villa Devoto:

Gopal-Sanabria 2633

This list was taken from the Unión Vegetariana website, but I intend to find more.


Caity said...

I will go with you! . . .Next year. I hope by then you have a good long list of vegetarian Argentinian cuisine (even though that seems like an oxymoron).

Joaquín Bilbao said...

What's happening girl?

Let's try "Soy Arroz". It's in Chinatown (yes, we have one here too as you already should know).