Thursday, January 15, 2009

Row row row your. . bOATmeal

Despite hours and hours I have poured over graduate school applications, it has recently become my dream to open an oatmeal cafe.  It would be like a coffee shop but my specialty is oatmeal; people hang out and fill up on a food that my dad has describe as 'sticking to your ribs'.  As my future customers use the wifi to delete their clogged inboxes, the oatmeal's heart friendly qualities mirrors this action, letting blood flow freely.  But like any great establishment, I need a name that is borderline-NPR-too-clever-for-our-own-good, yet descriptive, yet welcoming.  

So far, my most punny friend, Jared has come up with two brilliant ideas to get anyone else willing to participate started:

row row row your boatmeal  
Poor Ridge. . . the end to your GRUELing journey

I guiltily looked up "oat" in an online rhyming dictionary and came up with 
blOAT (Steff is advising against this one)
Billy OAT gruff

Steff, my soulmate, deserves credit for: 
Oatally Oatmeal
Riding the OATtails of glory

So, the challenge is to come up with an even more clever, even more delicious name.  Think about the words: oat, meal, fiber, quaker, porridge, etc.  

And although I am off to graduate school hopefully in April, hopefully my practical skills will help me accrue the capital so that I can open this fiberful quiant (or quaker) pipe dream.