Friday, August 1, 2008

En serio?. . .

If I would have discovered on my first day what I discovered today, I would have been a much happier, fuller and richer intern.  

A falafel sandwich here only costs $1.64.  

In the neighborhood where my boss lives, I walk weekly by the same Arab deli, peering shyly through the glass and then not going in.  Today, I had resolved to go in and eat a falafel.  When he asked me for 5 pesos, I thought my Spanish was going.  (cinco. . en serio?)  

Feeling pretty full and rich after the sandwich, I decided to treat myself to Baklava (Baclawa in Spanish).  82 cents later, I'm both satisfied and angry at myself for not going in before.


apollo2316 said...

I want falafel now. y torta de zanahoria!

ellie said...

damn, i'm jealous. not so much of your incredible prize selection but definitly of your falafel. hasta pronto!