Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does not eating meat make me adorable?

My final meal in Argentina was eaten at one of my favorite restaurants, Perutti, located on the corner of Avenida Santa Fe and Riobamba.  One thing that almost all Argentine restaurants have is a "cubierto" or a table charge, usually about 5 pesos that often includes the bread they will put on the table for you and the placemat and silverware.  However, at Perutti, the cubierto includes a very eclectic basket of breads and assorted sticks and little slices of a onion pizza without sauce, which is better than what you get at other places, but you make up for it with the prices at Perutti which are pretty high.  

So, as I've mentioned, my favorite dish in Buenos Aires was mashed pumpkin, so when Jose Luis told me he was lazy and that I should therefore choose where we went to eat lunch, I said I wanted to get one last fix.  

When it comes with the massive amounts of bread, Perutti is the perfect place to go because I can easily get filled up on what is actually just considered a side dish.  However, I find that when I order it the mix of my accent, my conviction that it is the only thing I want and he fact that it is considered kind of strange makes the waiter look at me with a sort of affection.  (Nada más, señorita?  Seguro?)  Also, I appreciated Jose Luis' chuckle as I excitedly ordered a plate of orange mush.  One would not think that the presentation on this pile of halloween could be beautiful, but its color is deep and its shaped into ripples.  I like to wait a minute before I interrupt its flow.  Just like with the chinese food, everyone wins.  I am seen as a kind of crazy American girl who orders something not quite considered a meal, yet considered adorable, AND I get to eat what I want.

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