Thursday, July 31, 2008

Disco GREEN card.

When you realize you are going to be living in a new strange place for a long time, or what seems like a long time, you look for ways to make your life to seem as normal as possible.  So when I got to Buenos Aires, I signed up for a gym, went to go see Indiana Jones, and got a DiscoPlus card.

So of course, especially as a vegetarian, sometimes I just want to buy Zucaritas (Frosted Flakes) and some boxed milk (leche asquerosa) that expires far later than should make you comfortable, and eat it in my room to avoid the constant meat abyss outside.  So finding a grocery store near your house is a must.  Probably the three most popular in Buenos Aires are Carrefour, I would say maybe your Sentry Foods; Disco, more like your Kopps; and Día, which is definitely on the Pick'n'Save side.  

On my keychain in Madison, I have my Kopps card, which when they swipe it usually allows me to save about $4.12, which seems muy poco in the U.S., but is 12.36 pesos here.  So when they asked me at my corner grocery store if I had a DiscoPlus card, I knew that I immediately wanted one to bring a sense of normalcy to my life.  Sort of like my Disco GREEN card.  If I flashed it, all Argentine people would immediately know that I was not a tourist, I was a spanish-speaking, law-abiding, grocery-buying foreigner.  

Now, why wouldn't I assume that it wasn't my Argentine Kopps card?  Finally after it had been swiped about 5 times, and I hadn't saved 61.80 pesos, I asked the cashier what ahm exactly did this card do? (para que sirve?)  She laughed at me and then pointed to a wall which looked like a grocery shelf with a lot of out of place items such as games, electronics, wineglasses with large numbers underneath like 1780 puntos for a razor or 410 puntos for a barbie doll.  Apparently I was accumulating points to win these fantabulous prizes.  I have about 160 puntos and I leave in about a week, with tomorrow being probably the last time I will go grocery shopping and I am quite concerned.  So many groceries and so little payoff, merely a full stomach.  But, alas, I was empty without my prizes!  

My choices right now are a 1-inch lego man that looks like a warrior or two Rayovac AA batteries.  Maybe I'll just hold onto my points and instead go for my dream prize, CRUCIGRAMA (spanish scrabble), for 680 puntos.  Only about 500 more to go; that's a lot of months of not starving. 

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yillabean said...

hahaha, how funny of a post!!! i've lived here for 9 months now and i didn't realize that THAT was what the DiscoPlus card was for! All this time, just like you, I though it was for saving money of the bill.

btw, great blog.