Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Traveling Vegetarianism

North American vegetarians are really spoiled.  Being one of them, when I go to any another country, vegetarianism is simply not as accepted, not as common or not as understood as it is in the Midwest.  Thus, other countries don't necessarily have the variety or accessibility non-meat eaters have come to enjoy in the United States and especially if there is a language barrier, it can be tough to get a satisfying meal.  I am living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and have lived in or traveled to both Europe and Asia and other South American countries as a vegetarian.  The experiences have been. . .Interesting. Fun. Frustrating. Delicious. Disgusting...but Noteworthy.  


Laura Cambra said...

¡Bravo, Carly! Y gracias por tus palabras para mí.
Bienvenida a la blogósfera. Espero que la experiencia sea valiosa y enriquecedora.
Un beso,


Carly, I need more.